This is me: Maja Ruprecht, 18 years old. High school student in the 12th grade of the Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium in Wittenberg, Germany. With a special liking for journalism and physics. Learn more about me.

Do you feel like you’re sinking under a mountain of books? Hi, I’m Maja Ruprecht and I’m here to help you get back to enjoying life during endless school hours. As a twelfth grader, I know exactly how you feel when you once again don’t see a life after school. But don’t worry, that’s over now. From today on, you will never have to ask yourself:

– “How do I cope with ten hours of school a day?”
– “How can I ever please the teachers?”
– And most of all, “How will I get all that material into my head?”

Because that’s what I’m here for now. On this blog you’ll find tips on time management, important methods or simply funny stories that have certainly happened to all of us at one time or another – and from which I’ve taken a lot away for myself. Under the category things to know, you will also find exciting information on all kinds of topics that I have come across at school.

As your personal learning coach, I not only give you tips, but also welcome your own article ideas and questions at kontakt (AT) blogmaja _DOT_ de. New articles appear every second Monday at 9:00 am and every now and then in between.

If you also like to write, I would be happy about any guest article from you. Because together we can achieve more.

Just drop in. I am looking forward to every comment from you!

Have fun!