How this blog was born – the perks of COVID-19

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Corona and blogmaja: Me on a meadow
April 2020: This is when was born.

LIFE STORIES Corona has changed many things – attitudes, activities, everyday life. But without it, would not exist either. I have never thought that I would invest so much work into it. But to make this Blog even better, I need your help.

Boredom during holidays – who doesn’t know that? When the unexpected Corona holidays were announced on Friday the 13th (March 2020), the disbelief was great. Somehow I was happy, because I had some extra time until the exams which were about to start.

With the days boredom arose. The at the beginning still sparsely assigned tasks did not even fill half of the day. So I was all the happier when I found this one writing competition. Two more weeks until the closing date! I could do that. I smiled.

Passion for writing

I wrote an 27,000 characters long story for the competition during the next week. But what should I do now? Within a few days a new writing contest was found. When this one was also over, the school tasks came more and more regularly – the teachers of course had problems with the new situation at first and had to learn to cope with the Corona everyday life more or less well.

I still had time for writing on the weekend, because I had done all the tasks as far as I could at the beginning of the week and there was not much else to do. I saw other blogs and with time the thought came up: Mmh, you could do that too.

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Not so easy

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Always at my side: My dad is not only a web administrator and amateur photographer, but also an arborist. Visit his website:

As my idea slowly solidified, my parents asked me if I knew how much work a blog would involve. I said yes, half-knowingly. After all, corona just brought a lot of free time. I haven’t regretted it until today, although the finding phase was quite exhausting.

But with only the name BLOG MAJA and the idea to do something school-like (it seemed to me that I knew nothing better) only a foundation stone was set. Without WordPress and a helpful dad I would probably have failed at the website already. But it went on and slowly I started with the first articles. So many article ideas were waiting for me. Why write competitions, if you can create something very own?

Here it goes

After about 11 weeks of Corona holidays – school operations were slowly resumed – the basic structure of my blog was in place. But no matter how much I (as an absolute non-social media fan) had been occupied with the new media and prepared most of it for a publication, I knew: school comes first. There was less time left for the blog.

Only after the end of the exam phase, which had been pushed in at short notice, I could devote myself to this blog again. And here I stand now (… very poetic expression, I know): I am ready to share my knowledge or rather the knowledge I think it is knowledge with you. But just as much I want to learn with and from you.

Guest articles – not without you

After all, I’m only human and I work every day to reconcile what I consider to be important activities. Of course the blog is high on my to-do-list and I still try to publish a new article every monday. But for the blog to become what I hope it will be, I need your help. Not to mention the amount of time it takes – the way everybody thinks is different and unfortunately I can’t show this diversity here.

So if you enjoy writing or would like to share your experiences with others, just like I do, please feel free to contribute to this blog by writing a guest article or even a simple comment. I am also happy about every helping hand on the part of the programming of the website and the German-English translation.

With this in mind (now I’m writing in such a kitschy way again …) I wish you, me and us a lot of fun browsing through the articles – which will surely become even more numerous. And don’t forget: If you want to actively participate in this blog, don’t hesitate to contact me at

… What are you waiting for?

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