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School and future dreams

On my first day of school I came home exclaiming, “School is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life!” That seemed to be true for primary school, but as I progressed through the grades, I also found out (better late than never!) that school just isn’t a bed of roses – especially if you want to be an exemplary student. More homework, more projects, more stress. The sheer volume of tasks in the eleventh grade had taken me by surprise. Still knowing that really every grade would play a role in my A-levels didn’t make things any better.

Then I was glad when I finally got home and could just enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest (I grew up in the Dübener Heide). Here I learned to keep myself busy at an early age. Cycling tours in summer and writing stories in winter have been among my favourite pastimes for years now. It was the first Corona Lockdown last year that gave me a precious ten weeks of time at home. For the first time since I started eleventh grade, I was bored. And out of this boredom came the idea for my own online blog. (You can read the whole story here).

The weeks passed, the first Corona wave was followed by the second and before I knew it, I was in twelfth grade. My blog grew and not infrequently brought me a much-needed break from the school routine. Here, I could write what I wanted and how I wanted – without the pressure of grades in the back of my mind. I got to know and love the feeling of having a writing flow again and knew at some point: that’s exactly what I want to do. Journalism.

But what about my dream of studying physics? Of course, I didn’t want to give that up either. I still hope to overcome the cliché of the chaotic physics professor one day. Although my maths teacher always claimed that my notes really looked like those of a university professor, we all know: only a genius masters chaos. I researched and found the title “science journalist”. I smiled. Yep, that’s where I saw myself.

Graduation – and after that?

I couldn’t dream my dream of a science journalist for long, because in the pre-A-level phase, school demanded my full attention. Much to the chagrin of my blog. It was impossible for me to post a new article every week. But school came first. And time flew by. The second semester had hardly begun when it was over. And I found myself in the middle of exams. I got through them all. With a graduation certificate in my hand, I officially left the Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium on 9th July 2021. Twelve years of school were over.

But my blog is far from over. There is so much in my head that I took away from school and individual subjects that would simply be too bad not to share. I mean, it’s a win-win situation after all: here I can pursue my hobby of writing and at the same time make your school life a little easier – at least that’s my hope. The blog reminds me every day of the funniest days in the classroom, of my devoted learning overviews, of special school projects and, last but not least, of the people who had a strong influence not only on my school days but also on me.

At the same time, I am now building a life for myself after school. After all, I will meet other students who are floating in the same physics bubble as me. I’ll learn more about elementary particles and dark matter, expand my photography skills and maybe sign up for the student magazine as an editor. I’m going to try my hand at being a wedding singer, take a variety of dance classes and do all the things I’ve always wanted to do. I know that this time (our school and study years) is one of the most intense times of our lives and goes by insanely fast. So I don’t intend to waste it.

And neither should you. Rediscover the main aspect of school, learning new skills and knowledge, and start loving it. Sure, it’s easier said than done with all the school stress and social pressure. But you are not the only student who feels this way. Exchange ideas with your classmates. Start studying for yourself again and not just for grades. Find compensations. And discover your passion. Start now. Because if you can’t do it, who can?

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