New school year – Mind-blowing tips to get ready for 2024/25!

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LEARNING HACKS Starting school after the holidays is not a tempting thought for many students. But with the right tips, the transition to school can be fun. If you find the right motivation, you will see the unlimited possibilities that a new school year offers.

Hot temperatures, blue skies. I can’t imagine that a new school year is about to start again. I don’t know if I’m really looking forward to it. I mean: Sure, you meet your friends again and can absorb tons of new knowledge about quantum physics and so on. But on the other hand, it’s also really nice at home when you know how to keep yourself busy (find tips on that topic here). And as soon as I think about the upcoming exams … Oh dear, where should I get my motivation for the coming school year?

Euphoria at the beginning of school

Fortunately, there is what I call the back-to-school euphoria. I’m talking about the joy of the start of a new school year, because you’ve either been bored for 6 weeks or you’re just happy to be out. Although it rarely lasts longer than two weeks after school starts, it is always motivating. And it is important to take advantage of this and prepare everything important for the lessons before the first day of school (look at the list on the right).

School life and morning routine

New school year: your morning

The most difficult thing is probably the changeover from holiday to school mode, which of course goes hand in hand with a new school year. Get up early, go to school, do your homework, go to bed early. In order to prevent your sleep rhythm from getting completely out of balance in the first few school days, it is advisable to go to bed a little earlier and set an alarm clock in the morning, around 7:30.

You should also develop a kind of morning routine that will help you get more alert. It is important that you do this throughout the school year (not just at the beginning). If you are more awake in the morning, you will have more motivation and concentration throughout the day and can achieve better results at school.

Tip: How such a routine during the holidays can look like, you can find here.

For the rest of the school day there is only one thing that helps: following through. Again, I can only say that you will quickly get back into your usual rhythm. Work on a certain learning plan, which not only gives you confidence in learning, but also saves stress and leaves time for other things like meeting friends or hobbies.   

Learning goals

We all know the good resolutions for the New Year: to do more sports, to look for a new hobby, to write better grades. We also know that these are just plans that are often discarded very quickly. But when it comes to school, you should stick to them. Because hardly anything gives you as much motivation as learning goals. Think about the opportunities that a new school year has in store for you:

colorful stationary for beginning of new school year
  1. You are rested. Your brain was bored during the holidays and is now all the more receptive to new learning material.
  2. Everything to zero. Forget last year’s poor grades. You can do everything better now. But you must also be ambitious to improve on your good grades.
  3. The cards are reshuffled. New teachers, new classmates, new material. For those who don’t know you yet, you want them to get to know you at your best.
  4. You know what you want. During the holidays, you’ve had time to think about your future. You’re ready to work for that A in history.

Click here, if this new school year is your senior year. Or do you need more tips on starting the new school year successfully? In that case follow this link.

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